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At Xceed Media, our team of video professionals can help bring an online audience to your company or organization with studio-quality production value. We produce and cover events across the Central Texas area - including popular events such as concerts, shows, ceremonies and sporting events.

Our team has the talent, experience, professional equipment, and crew that can bring your event live to your guests or company to watch.

With the capability of modern communication, live streaming has quickly risen from an online novelty to an expected service for companies around the world. The ability to broadcast to an unlimited, global audience is no longer reserved for those with the largest brand and deepest pockets. Now anyone with a WiFi-enabled camera or phone can reach the world with their message with a single click.

At Xceed Media, we take that single click to a professional level with professional equipment.

Contact us for our variety of affordable packages that make it easy to set up and broadcast any livestream webcast you or your customers need.

We cover live stream services for:


  • Virtual Conferences

  • Meetings

  • Concerts

  • Weddings

  • Funerals

  • Special Events

Our Packages

Live Stream 1

$600 1st Hour

$100 for each additional hour

  • 1 Videographer

  • 1 Live Stream Producer

  • Professional Audio

Live Stream 2

$800 1st Hour

$150 for each additional hour

  • 2 Videographers

  • 1 Live Stream Producer

  • Professional Audio

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Let's broadcast your event live

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