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Xceed Crew with Judy Torres

As a young adult growing up in urban Austin Texas, I listened to a lot of music called Freestyle or in the south we call it Latin Hip Hop. I also was a popular DJ playing this kind of music everywhere from parties, clubs, radio, and television. One of Freestyle's most popular artists was a young woman named Judy Torres. She has a few hits like Come Into My Arms, No Reason to Cry and others. Well on November 26th, 2016 Fat Kat Entertainment was able to bring this special guest to perform at a concert in Austin. Judy had claimed it has been 13 years since she's been in Austin. Well this night was a great night with all her fans showing up, she delivered a stellar performance, and Xceed Media was there to document the entire event. I had a chance to take this picture with her and one of my crew members. She is a great singer and a down to earth person. You can check out this event at Fat Kat Entertainment Youtube page here.

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