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Shooting with Green Screen

Shooting with green screen has always been a great tool for the chroma key effect. This is where you can add different backgrounds behind your subject. If you've ever seen any Hollywood movie with any kind of special effects, most likely they've used a green screen or blue. Chroma keying makes your imagination possible by changing environments with good clean special effects. I've done a lot of green screen effects at my church when we video shoot for announcement videos. I first prep by making sure the talent has rehearsed before shoot and does not wear anything green. Wearing green will make that area transparent and will not look good in video. My tools I use for chroma keying are the screen itself (green fabric) stretched out and eliminate the wrinkles as much as you can. A good light kit for the talent and the screen behind them. This will take out the shadows behind the talent for good clean chroma keying. Then in post I use Adobe After Effects with a plug-in called Keylight. This is a great tool and can pin point areas that need improvement like green spills, etc. Through the magic of this video effect and technology, you can superimpose your subjects onto any virtual environment you can imagine. Have fun chroma keying! For more information on chroma key, check out this article:

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