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The Learning Curve

Most video enthusiasts love to operate a new piece of equipment or new software but most are not willing to go through the process of learning. For me it was the feeling of, do I have to learn something new again? With our ever forth going change of technology it almost seemed like once you figured out something, another thing has been made to figure out again. In this new season I'm in I had to come to grips of having to learn a new video editing software called Final Cut Pro X. Now Final Cut Pro has been around for a while and as been used in the film industry quite a bit. However, back 2011 when the new version was released a lot of video professionals did not received it well. In fact many hated it and felt betrayed by Apple which is the maker of this app. At that point Adobe Premiere Pro took advantage and many jumped on the Adobe bandwagon. During that time I happened to switch to the Adobe Creative Suite from another pro app called Avid Media Composer which happens to be another Hollywood's favorite editing app for many years. So coming from on way of working to another way I had to take a complete understanding of how the Adobe apps work together and was able to accomplish much since then. However today is 2017 and Apple has learned many lessons on it's Final Cut Pro X release failure and has drastically improved with newer updates. One of the things that caught my attention was the render and transcoding speed. I was amazed by looking how others were blazing through projects using Final Cut Pro. So like many others I hesitated to look into this app because I'm well comfortable with the Adobe apps. However, I'm reminded that being comfortable in doing something can be dangerous and cause your learning and achievement in life to become stagnant. So I thought I'd give it a try and downloaded the trial version. I also purchase an in depth tutorial in leaning Final Cut Pro X because I am totally unfamiliar with it. I must say, everyday that I learn it, everyday I'm blown by the capabilities and features it has. It's definitely a different animal on how it works compared to the other more traditional video editing apps out there. This step of curiosity has truly open my eyes into learning new things. Is it easy? No, and sometimes it can feel long and tiring but you definitely get those moments of wow, that is so cool! So I say all this to encourage you that yes there is always a learning curve to something new. It maybe a steep curve or maybe a broad curve but just like my good buddy George McFly says, "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything."

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