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Visual FX

Movies with visual effects have always astonished me with how far technology has come. Visual effects came a long way from using puppets, stop motion, or camera tricks. Today special effects can pretty much make a complete environment that can trick the eye of such a superb detailed effect. With big SFX film companies like Industrial Light & Magic and WETA, we can see in several blockbuster movies how amazing SFX can give us as an audience. However, the creation process is well beyond the traditional video editing apps and sometimes even more than the industry standard SFX application Adobe After Effects. You have to dig deeper into some advance applications with the skill and knowledge that comes with some intense training or education. When I work in my video editor, it can be very tedious and take hours to edit. I can't imagine what SFX artists go through and the time it takes to create. However, the final product is the goal which makes everyone happy. Take a look at this breakdown reel video of Lost in Space, a Netflix original. Be amazed on how visual effects can be used and all the many different aspects and tools that are used as well. Tell me what amazing visual effects you recall in a film? Enjoy!

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