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Videography and Bad Weather

So recently I was hired to do videography for a wedding. This had been planned for quite some time, everything was paid and ready, and I was looking forward to this event. I had rented a new type of camera to try and this wedding package came with drone footage. Normally I subcontract pilots for drone projects and my pilot was ready for this day as well. So with everything ready and the weekend finally arrived, what could go wrong? I'm laughing inside but really, it was no joking matter. The wedding day arrived with severe thunderstorms in the forecast. This weather was so unpredictable that even the day before was so perfect with sunshine, cool air, and nice. Anyway, I proceeded in this day worried about the drone shots. My pilot called me and said he would be ready and arrive on time, however, if there is rain, then unfortunately he would not be able to fly the drone. Time was ticking and I was already out on the field video shooting the getting ready shots. About an hour away from drone flight it showed 50% chance of rain. I even looked at the radar and sure enough I could see the large scale of a storm headed our way. At that moment I had to make a decision to call the client and ask what they wanted to do. They informed me that they really would like drone footage but I told them according to the forecast, that wouldn't be possible. So unfortunately they cancelled. As the pilot was getting ready to head off, I called and let him know that it was cancelled. He understood and cancelled the drone shoot. As I arrived to the venue expecting the worst, all of a sudden the rain stopped and some sun came through. I was like, really!!!??? I was so mad! It actually worked out perfect for the ceremony since it was outside. So actually there was a "window of opportunity" to do some great drone footage and I missed it. I questioned myself, should I have took the chance to grab this window of opportunity? Well the rest of the wedding was fine. The storm did eventually come but we were all under a large tent by then. Things still got messy, muddy, and hot, not to mentioned the long hours of video work. So by the end of the day, I was so emotionally and physically exhausted. The next day, I refunded the client the drone portion of the package and again apologize but they were still grateful that I was able to get the rest of the wedding. It just goes to show, you can't always trust a weather forecast because you never know. Lastly, sometimes you have to take a chance, even when things don't look good. You never know when that one small window of opportunity will be there when you least expect it. This goes for all areas of your life. Take some risks and always be prepared no matter what.

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