My Foundational Journey

It has been almost two years since I made the step towards a full time career in filmmaking. Since then I have created many videos for weddings, quinceañeras, special events, commercials for businesses/organizations, story videos, and plenty of photography services. Making a foundation for a business is not easy! With any building project whether an actual building or your goals and career it takes a lot of planning, measurements, and getting it right from the get go. All your future sits on the decisions you make now. So with me, the first thing was education. Even though I had many years as a technical director of a church and overseeing a production team, I knew there was so much more I needed to learn. Immediately I connected with a mentor in the field of cinematography, took some of his curriculum courses and learn the art of filmmaking at another level. Next was the actual business side to running my own media company. Even though it's only me as a freelancer currently, I still request additional help for bigger projects and therefore have developed a team of other videographers and photographers that I sub-contract with. Then there's all the legal, financial, and admin stuff to keep everything organized. The legal side is to make sure all agreements are signed, from booking contracts, release forms, waivers, etc. Because I work in the field of media content, there's always the use and the creation of copyright material. I'm an author of my material the second I press the record button so therefore I have much respect for other authors in the field as well and keep it safe by getting permission or using royalty free content which nowadays is plenty out there. The finances and admin can really take a lot of your time and as a creative, it's not really exciting but I know it must be done. This is part of running a business and is something all creatives should really get familiar with. Lastly is advertising. Getting the word out of my services can be a tough assignment due to it costing money to market yourself. Of course there's the social media, online business listings, networking, and using several online marketing services can help but again, costs are involved and that's something I've learn to balance out. Get rid of what is not working and continue using what is working. The best source of marketing is always going to be word of mouth so I try and make friends everywhere I go and be friendly and professional to my clients to get good reviews as well.

With every step, I've had my share of ups and downs. Months I'm truly blessed with jobs and months I'm wondering if I'm going to eat. It's part of the journey of a freelancer but with determination, hard work, networking, and prayer, I know I will be at a place in my life I have only dreamed about. It just take one step, and then keep walking. Many lessons will be learned but many achievements will be there as well. I thank God for the journey and the skills He has given and continue to give as well as the people that have supported me. Thank you, you are my friends!

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