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Video Interviews

Video interviews are a neat part of my work that I do as a videographer. I usually use these types of dialogue in special highlight videos, testimony stories, and documentaries. It's always interesting hearing a person share funny memories, heart warming moments, and passion expressions. You get to hear deep thoughts that maybe they've been wanting to share for a while. Others have surprise moments of words they didn't realize was in them. In all, interviewing people brings out expression and character on video. For example on a lot of sweet fifteen videos I've recently made, you can see the birthday girl's funny yet often shy personality. Yet they also share their future goals and great appreciation to their parents, friends, and relatives. The parents usually share funny moments and because they are parents, sometimes cry on video because of the love they have for their children. Weddings are similar, in which the bride and groom are in different rooms speaking their excitement for the future and their love for one another. Documentaries are no different, with the exception of sharing information on particular topics. However, if the question given is a difficult question to answer, then sometimes tears can fall and moments of all kinds of emotions can be displayed.

My MO is usually writing down a series of question like maybe 10. I then let them know that I will be conducting the interview and email them the questions so that they can be prepared on their answers when the video shoot happens. Is this always the case? Nope. Sometimes in a short moment I will interview them and just freely ask questions based on a certain topic.

Here are some tips for video interviews.

Make sure when interviewing to always find a designated area that's quiet. The less noise the better the audio will be. Even noise from from an AC on or fluorescent lights can be caught on the video. Use good lighting and always make the people being interviewed comfortable and relaxed to get rid of any nervousness. Audio capture is essential as well to be able to hear clearly. I often use a lavalier mic and a small camera shotgun microphone as the backup. Other times in a quiet room I will use a large shotgun microphone and place it over the talent.

Then always use headphones to actually hear your audio and look at any audio meters to have better volume control. Interviews are a really big part in any video production because they carry the viewer through life stories, give valuable information, and can be very inspirational.

With the work I do, this is just another thing I love about it. I get to hear stories from different backgrounds, cultures, languages, and more. Like I said, it's pretty neat to see a person open up and share a lot to a person with a camera all for the purpose of a great video.

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