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Father's Wanted

From the director and co-producer of Man In Me: Father's Wanted is a documentary feature depicting the need of a father. Stories from several women bring us closer to their experiences with their fathers and men in general.

Xceed Media is associated as co-producer, cinematography, and editor.

This film is currently in production.


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In Film Festivals

Music & Mental Health with Tina Rix

This is a series of short documentaries under Thought Positive Media founded by Tina Rix. Featuring all Austin Musicians, Artists, non-profit organizations, and local business owners. This series highlights their stories and what mental health means to them.

Tina Rix mission is stomping out the stigma surrounding Mental Health and highlighting the healing nature of art through music.

Xceed Media is associated as film editor, production assistant, and photography.

Music & Mental Health is currently in post-production.

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Thought Positive Media

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Premiered October 5, 2019

Man In Me: The Documentary

This is a full-feature documentary film about A group of men who recount stories of pain and profound healing. These stories vividly detail the trials and triumphs they have encountered in their journey through life.

Xceed Media is associated as co-producer and editor of this film.

The film is completed and is currently screened at different locations


The Man In Me Website

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Spiritworks Films is a collection of past inspirational short films

and documentary features.